Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day One July 1

July 1 starts my two-year term as president of my local teachers' association. I am not without a little stress and a bit afraid, but I hope it will make me a more organized, better prepared, and better person. So, what did I do my first day? I went into the lion's den. With the support of a young parent who has four children, I went to a local park to help some dedicated people clean up the park. I take my third-graders to the park as part of a field trip so I felt a sense of responsibility for being there. I also knew that there were people there who have been very vocal against teachers and the association in my town. I introduced myself as a teacher, who did not live in town, and was greeted, by most, with a thank you for coming.There was only one gentleman who wanted to have a "long talk" with me once he found out I was a teacher. I gently told him I would be happy to meet or speak with him at another time, but not today. Today was for surviving the heat and helping the park.I was glad I went, but also noticed when, on line thank-yous were given, not once did it mention that a teacher actually helped. Maybe it was just an over-sight on their part. I hope so. Next, I had a massage and facial. This is something I also want to remember to do this term...make time for myself at least once a month. I will try to do this on the first of each month...if I can afford it. SO, so far it has been okay. I am hoping our reaching out to the community is the way to go, as I can think of nothing better than to get the people of the town on our side. Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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