Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Smile from Heaven

One of the things I must do as head of our association is represent our staff at events. Today was one such day...a funeral. I've been going to these too much this year. It's the second one for one of our own staff members. This time it was for a former principal.

Jane Hower was a wonderful part of our Medford family. She started as an elementary teacher, moved to be a school counselor at the middle school, and then became principal of Allen School, one of our five elementary schools in town.

Jane was also a responsible and active member of the association She was President of the association, a faculty rep and also headed our scholarship committee, a position she relished because it meant giving our students an opportunity to advance their education.

Cancer took Jane from us much too soon. She fought such a fight, surprising doctors as she survived far longer than they ever gave hope. But, that was Jane...fighting for others, in this case time for her family, time for the medical community to learn from her, and time for us to be able to say good-bye.

I will always see Jane's smile in her daughter, Lauren's, smile. I will always feel Jane in her husband's, Dave, big bear hugs. And I will always think of Jane every year when the daisies bloom in my front garden..the friendliest flowers there are...just like Jane.

A wife, mother, daughter, aunt, friend, educator...Jane's legacy will always be part of Medford Education.


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    1. She was also a past president. A beautiful tribute for a beautiful person. Now an angel!