Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Independence Day...Minus One

It's funny. This evening several teachers are getting together to give out American flags to school children tonight before the 3rd of July fireworks in the town which I work. Teachers are giving up their evening with their families to reach out to children. We are not using school funds, but PRIDE money, which is money given to us by NJEA for activities where there will be students, parents, and teachers. Yet, one comment I received this morning from a concerned person was, "I hope you don't have any trouble." How sad to think that once again, I have to be concerned with how people will treat the members of my association rather than delighting in the fact that we are working with others.

Well, thankfully it was as much fun as I hoped it would be. Meeting students,parents, giving out the American flags. Everyone was in a great mood. We set up our table so we were the second group people saw. First, they were surprised the flags were free. And, of course being teachers, we loved going up to the children and giving them things. I hope people appreciated our efforts because we appreciate the parents.


  1. I hope no one spread rumors about flags being purchased with "My Tax Dollars". I have come to detest that phrase.

  2. They might but actually it's paid with teacher NJEA dues...part of our PRIDE state committee. I know what you mean, though. My next blog is going to be about what to say when.... Thanks for the comment. Always appreciated.