Monday, July 2, 2012

Reaching Out

So today my goal was to reach out to the presidents of the Medford Education Foundation (MEF) and Home School Association (HSA). Hopefully, our three organizations can work together for the sake of our students and again,another way to mend fences. I don't think the fences were broken per say, but it's nice to think we can work with them by offering our assistance and perhaps having a liaison on each of the boards. Both organizations do so much for our students that it's only right that we do things together. Another way we are reaching out is that the amazing secretary of the MEA has made a facebook page for our association. I feel this is a way of reaching out to our members and moving, at last, into this century. These steps, little by little, I hope, will turn out to be positive things our association can do.


  1. Can you see if the local media (newspaper, radio, cable channel) could run some regular feature about teaching? You could feature a local teacher once a week and what he/she is doing that is extraordinary.

  2. Reaching out is an excellent way to begin. You have set up expectations of cooperation, and you've made a clear statement that students come first.