Sunday, July 8, 2012

When a Cent Matters

This wasn't the blog I was planning on writing today, but that one can wait.

This morning I was so excited to see the 1cent sale back at Staples, an office box store. Crayons, pens,and glue...perfect to get my kids started for the first day of school. In the past I have been able to, as a teacher, buy 25 of each item for a penny each. I always bought, paper, something, so that I was always paying more than 25cents for something. I also would go another day during the week and buy 25 of each item to donate to the lovely lady in town who puts together back packs for needy students. So, imagine my surprise today when I was told I could buy two at a cent each, and if I wanted more, I would have to buy the at the regular price BUT I would get Staples reward points. Now, I do usually shop Staples because they do give reward points,but it would not behoove me this year to do that. And, looking at it from the other side,

I am sure they lost a ton of money last year, but remember, the people buying were teachers who were using their own money to buy for their classes, so yes, I am a bit disappointed in a store that I always promoted as being very friendly to teachers. I love their teacher appreciation day (a special shout out to the store in Berlin,NJ who makes an amazing day of it), but this new policy leaves me a bit cold.

Walmart claims to have price matching. They did it last year, without any limits. I will see if they stand by their policy or, like Staples, change it. If anyone tries it before I do, please comment.


  1. Their friendliness is limited, I see.

  2. I know, I know...So, SO, SOOOOOO disappointed with the new Staples policy. I plan on purchasing my limit, walking out, walking in, purchasing again, etc. I think I will have to enlist the help of my husband as well. Seems like undue hardship to get what we need. Thinking of doing a Staples boycott --